LCPS Stone Bridge Honors Student Suspended 2 Weeks Not Wearing Mask, NFL Player, No Mask No Problem Same School

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This LCPS Stone Bridge HS student was suspended for (2) weeks on 2/2/22 for not wearing a mask. She’s never been in trouble, honor roll student, currently enrolled in pharmaceutical studies, star soccer player and works as a pharmacy tech. (Keep in mind that this is the SAME Stone Bridge HS where the brutal rape occurred on May 28, 2021 that the school administrators lied about and covered up. Transferring the rapist to another school where he sexually assaulted another student.)

A few hours after her suspension from Stone Bridge, the principal and staff welcomed with open arms a Washington Redskins football player. I don’t fault the player or the Redskins, but here we are (36) hours later and no explanation. Not going away, I can promise you that. Hold the line!

Stone Bridge HS Website if these actions concern you:

  • Principal: Timothy Flynn
  • Assistant Principal: Calvin Adams, (Rey-Z)
  • Superintendent: Scott Ziegler
  • Ashburn SB Rep: Harris Mahedavi
  • Director of Administration: Doug Fulton

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