Youngkin’s Sec Ed Pick: Only Snow Job in December. He’s a RINO In a $2,000 Suit

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“You need to wait until Youngkin gets into office before holding him accountable, give him a chance that’s not fair.” Uh, no we don’t. Don’t turn a blind eye to what you don’t want to see BUT look at what is available for EVERYONE to see……if people take the time to look.

Youngkin is not a dumb man, in fact he’s very intelligent, he ran a $14B+ company for 25 years, The Carlyle Group. However, after running for the Virginia Governor’s seat as a “Conservative’ and winning, he sure did make a dumb move by nominating Aimee Guidera as his Secretary of Education. But was it dumb (implying a possible mistake) or was it deliberate? We already said Youngkin was not dumb, so that makes his nomination of Guidera deliberate. This quickly nullifies his “Conservative” persona and moves him right into the RINO box.

How can we be so quick to call him a RINO? You see, there’s something called the “internet”. The “internet” has many useful tools called “search engines”. Think of Google, Bing, or Duck-Duck-Go and an (8) year old can quickly unearth WHY Youngkin’s nomination of Guidera was a page right out of the RINO playbook. Keep in mind, Youngkin won based on the number one issue, Education. So one might think that his VERY FIRST nomination might have been thought about a little harder, considering We The Parents helped to propel him into a victory on 11/2/21. But what do we know, he seems to have woke advisors or recent university grads without kids. Can you imagine a Youngkin Transition Team member being aware of Guidera’s background and still shouting from the rooftops that she will be a “Strong Leader”? In order to appease the naysayers, let’s simply look at Guidera’s affiliations today versus debating her provable woke past (prior to 2018):

VA Secretary of Education Guidera’s Current Fellowships and Advisor Roles

  • Fellow: Pahara Aspen Education (affiliate of the Aspen Institute)
    • “We believe that transformational change to the American public school system is not possible without transformational leadership
    • “As a result, hundreds of leaders (and one day thousands) will be better positioned, individually and collectively, to reimagine public education so that all children can lead free, meaningful lives.”
    • Pahara Aspen Fellows: This group of exceptional leaders is dedicated to achieving both equity and excellence in public education.
    • Critical to Pahara’s Fellow Success:
      • “We select….A diverse set of innovative leaders who are committed to equity and opportunity for all children”
      • Leaders of color, Leaders identifying as right-of-center politically, Leaders identifying across the gender identity spectrum, Leaders identifying as LGBTQIA+
  • Fellow: Institute for Educational Leadership
    • “We cultivate racial healing and justice, disability inclusion, and economic equity in over 400 communities. We catalyze community-driven leadership across our education, health, and employment systems inspiring equitable futures for youth and families.”

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