Who Is The LCPS Assistant Superintendent? That’s Right, Asia Jones. What Did She Know About the Rape and the Recent Barrage of Threats?

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Who is Asia Jones? Besides being the LCPS Assistant Superintendent, Asia spent (4) years as a consultant for National School Safety and Security Services. Their stated mission:

We help superintendents, principals, and school boards improve school security and emergency preparedness, and manage school safety perceptions. Let us help you:

  • Strengthen security and emergency preparedness best practices
  • Reduce safety risks and liabilities
  • Improve community perceptions of safety

It’s no secret Ziegler is a liar and a goof. It’s also not shocking to know that the LCPS SB is less than above board. This was made abundantly clear when the Daily Wire dropped their MOAB on who knew what and when as it relates to the rape that occurred at Stone Bridge HS. However, while the focus was and has been squarely focused on Ziegler and the SB (rightfully so), why has there been little to zero discussion on what part of this sh$t show Asia Jones was involved in.

When you consider that Jones was a Consultant for (4) years for National School Safety and Security Services and their stated mission includes Improve Community Perceptions of Safety”, you have to ask yourself, how exactly was this fiasco orchestrated? FACT, Ziegler is a habitual liar. FACT, the SB is a modern day version of the Keystone Cops. Do they really have the ability OR expertise to craft such an absurd narrative? Who better to have by your side than a current assistant superintendent that is also a former National School Safety and Security Services Consultant that is well versed in creating false public perceptions for school district and their community!

National School Safety and Security Services Playbook for “The Post-Crisis Crisis: Managing Parent and Media Communications”

LCPS has seen A LOT of sinister acts in their schools since 2018 and everyone smells of a cover-up or were arbitrarily dismissed: Since 2018 there have been countless sexual assaults and/or rapes at many different LCPS schools, but for whatever reason, Tuscarora HS seems to have an unusually high average when it comes to sexual assault, violence or gun related incidents. However, you wouldn’t know it, especially when LCPS has an expert in community perception spinner on the payroll, just saying.

It’s been said many times that it’s not so much the crime but the cover-up. I suspect Wayde Byard is doing double time on Public Records Requests. Don’t be distracted by shiny objects, maintain focus and expand (more than) logical possibilities.

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