Thank You to LCPS SB Member’s Andrew Hoyler and Denise Corbo!

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We have been battling the Loudoun County Public Schools School Board for (18) months and by now, everyone knows why. However, in October 2021, Andrew Hoyler was selected to replace the late Leslie King. What Andrew Hoyler has done in the past (2) months is something no other SB member has done, held town halls.

Tonight, Mr. Hoyler held his 4th town hall that was focused on literacy, the good, the bad and the ugly. This was my first town hall of Mr. Hoyler’s that I’ve been to. Both he and Mrs. Corbo fielded questions from parents and LCPS staff. It was not combative, uncivil or full of lip service. What it was, was an LCPS SB rep taking the time to make himself available, despite the all of the tension in the county. He threw caution to the wind and wanted to hear what people had to say. This is not to say he can solve all of the problems, but he has a WILLINGNESS to listen.

We had a chance to talk afterwards and it was a great conversation. I recognize we will not agree on everything, people never do. However, I also recognize Andrew is trying and for that I am grateful and appreciative.

Here’s the kicker, Andrew has been promoting his town hall all day, which was held at the Ashburn Library, located in Harris Mahedavi’s district. Ask me if Harris showed up.

Thank you Andrew and Denise for having the willingness, and making yourselves available to your constituents!

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