Todd Cimino Blames Christianity for LGBTQ Oppression in (224) Page LGBTQ In Community College Dissertation (Spring 2021)

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Wether you’re gay, straight, queer, trans I really don’t care.  I find that when a straight guy that is full of himself talking about how many “babes he’s bagged” as offensive and annoying as the radical trans ideological “movement”.  If you’re gay, knock yourself out and be the best gay person you can be.  If you’re straight, do the same.  If you’re trans, follow the same pathway.  However, when any of the above mentioned groups of people try and force their beliefs, lifestyle or ideology onto me or school kids, a line has to be drawn.

They say if you want esteem do esteem able things.  You want respect earn it and reciprocate.  You want to be taken seriously, cut out the silly demands and threats that the world should revolve around you and your lifestyle.  Life ain’t about you.  When an entire community, except for 5 or 6 people, are concerned about policy 8040, maybe it’s time for a deeper discussion and not with the school board.

Cimino is a gay man, congratulations, but who cares.  What I care about is his radical ideology that should not be part of the LCPS school board.  And a (224) page LGBTQ dissertation ON TOP of everything else, uh no.  If he is, then we need an obnoxious heterosexual male that talks about “bagging babes” sitting right next to him.  Maybe they will learn something from each other.

Like I said, who cares if Cimino is gay, if he weren’t a radical ideologue with a trans agenda then no outcry, but that’s not the case.

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