LCPS Whacko SB Chair Brenda Jazz-Hands Sheridan Brought to Tears Over Sick Book “Lawn Boy”. Book Stays!

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It should come to no surprise that the LCPS School Board voted to keep Lawn Boy in our schools. In fact, Brenda Jazz Hands Sheridan now wants it in every school, as she wiped away tears after reading the book.

Remember, say no to Todd Cimino or we’ll have more of this sick crap.

Which excerpt from Lawn Boy do you suppose brought Jazz Hands to tears:

ASHBURN, Va. (7News) — On Monday, a Loudoun County school board panel considered the fate of a controversial book currently available in high school and some middle school libraries.

A Loudoun County mom is asking the school board to remove the book “Lawn Boy” from her kids’ high school library due to sexually graphic material found in the book.

On a vote of 3-0 Monday afternoon, the panel affirmed the Superintendent’s decision to keep the book in Loudoun County high school libraries. 

The novel “Lawn Boy” can be found in public school libraries in Loudoun and Fairfax counties and it’s one of a handful of book parents like Amy Jahr say is inappropriate for school settings.

“There is a good message in there I do understand where the author is coming from and I do understand the benefit of the book,” said Jahr. “But it can be done in a way without the explicit sexual content. In this particular case there are several passages about pedophilia quite frankly.”

After Jahr requested the book be removed from her kids’ high school, a district-level committee reviewed the book and unanimously voted 7-0 recommending the book stay available – which Jahr says raises a red flag.

“This is a nationally controversial book right now,” she said. “You’d think at least one or two people might be opposed to it or have concerns about it.”

The committee consisted of five Loudoun County Public School employees and two parents.

“I keep asking pointedly who solicits and selects these individuals,” said Jahr, who hasn’t received an answer yet from the school district. 

“Do you think this committee process shuts out parents like yourself who have concerns about these books?” asked Minock.

“It completely shuts us out,” said Jahr. “Someone is individually picking these people knowing the outcome – they are stacking the deck. They are stacking the outcome. In the end, it’s our kids’ reading these books, not what the school thinks is best for our kids to be reading. If you have a whole panel of parents, hey even get 20 parents on there, parents are concerned. Make it fair, make it balanced.”

Virginia’s incoming governor is calling a for a review of the book review process.

“This is a chance to give parents a broad participation in their children’s education,” Gov.-Elect Glenn Youngkin told 7News. “Not a single or two parents that are reviewing a book on behalf of all parents. This is a chance for parents to have a voice and I do believe they should have one.”

A group called Loundoun4All supports the review process telling 7News in a statement, “We believe in freedom of speech and are against limiting freedom of expression inside of our schools except in the most extreme circumstances. Loudoun County has a robust policy and procedure to review books and we support that policy. We have seen, at the school the complaint was made, a panel made up of students, educators, administrators, and librarians voted 7-0 to not remove the book from the high school. In addition, we understand Fairfax County also conducted a review of the book and has decided to keep it in the high schools. We support the review process and we look forward to the appeals ruling from the schoolboard.”

“There’s a lot of silent parents,” added Jahr. “A lot that are very concerned that don’t want to speak up. They are worried about retaliation. You’re labeled transphobic, you’re labeled a racist. I know I’m neither of those things at all. These are just parental concerns.”

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