CCISD Parents: Lookout, Deputy Equity Man Has Confirmed WHO CCISD Is Using For Social Emotional Learning

CCISD parents, as you can see by the email below from Deputy Equity Man Bayard, CCISD IS using two different Social Emotional Learning (SEL) resources to reprogram your kids. Sure SEL sounds nice and harmless BUT it is the primary tenant of CRT, in other words the “How” of the CRT framework. SEL is what school systems are using to raise your kids, forget the parents they’re an after thought. It is VERY deceptive and dangerous.

Submit FOIA’s around both organizations, request contracts, RFP’s, SOW’s, Terms and costs. Create your very own account so you can see the materials for yourself. Then after you scream “Oh God why” schedule a meeting with your kids school administration and don’t ask a question you do not already have the answer to. Watch how uncomfortable they will get.