September 2021: NAACP Cries Discrimination In LCPS AGAIN! Not Enough Applicants. Of Course It’s Racist.

On September 7, 2021 letting LCPS know that they are still practicing in discriminatory admission practices. Michelle Thomas, “President” of the NAACP, known black supremacist and race hustler said in her follow up email dated 9/23/21 “NAACP was clear in our request to have all high stakes testing removed from the AOL admissions criteria and follow the TJ model that is producing equitable results for African American and historically underrepresented students.” For anyone that has doubted PACT’s continual posts regarding the NAACP corrupting LCPS (and schools everywhere else), read it for yourself in Michelle Thomas’s own words below.

Riddle me this Batman, in order for ANY student to go through the “admissions process” and hope to get accepted it has to start with APPLYING first. So, if there is a drop if applicants, despite the NAACP’s BS LCPS discrimination claims, how is this discrimination? Did the fictitious “white supremacists” Thomas’s claims is all over Loudoun County stop black students from applying? Hardly because that is a figment of her racist imagination.

Who in the hell is the NAACP and Michelle Thomas to demand “high stakes” testing for admission to Academies of Loudoun be removed for ALL kids in the name of that God forsaken word “equity”? This is the ultimate black supremacist race hustle. Notice how she uses her 8 year daughter to issue a threat in the last sentence? She is a classless reprobate and AG Elect Miyares’s investigation of LCPS cannot come soon enough and God willing it will include the NAACP, Loudoun Freedom Center and Michelle Thomas.