CCISD: In 2019, Equity Man Authorized the Purchase of $1.3M In “Diversity” Books In Loudoun County Public Schools

Equity Man loves his diversity books! So much so that when he was the superintendent in Loudoun County Public Schools he authorized the purchase of $1.3M in “Diversity” books. In fact, this $1.3M had to be spent in just (6) days. We had no idea there was such high demand on filth like this.

If Equity Man denies approving the purchase of these books OR says he was unaware, he’s either lying, incompetent or both. No superintendent on this planet would be unaware of a $1.3M expenditure for ANYTHING, let alone smut books.

CCISD parents, use the links below to generate FOIA’s to see what has been purchased, by whom, when, where these books are located or whether or not they are on order. If you happen to come across a book called “All Boys Aren’t Blue”, raise holy hell because this book is about gay incest and is in 70% of the Loudoun Public Schools HS’s (hat tip to a Grandma warrior).