CCISD: A Radical NEVER Changes His/Her/Him/She/Their Ways

Equity Man, the LCPS SB and the NAACP destroyed Loudoun County Public Schools and he is doing the SAME THING to CCISD in Texas. Ignoring the parents is short sighted and stupid. Equity Man and the entire CCISD SB need to be held accountable for what they are now trying to do to CCISD. Equity Man goes by “Dr.” Eric Williams, he’s not a real doctor, he’s a radical progressive Voodoo Doctor who is out to make CCISD a gender confused racist and hateful school district. He’s a liar, believe us, we had to deal with his wimpy and sissy like persona here in Loudoun County.

If ANYONE from the CCISD SB tows his line, follows his radical directions they are complicit and will need to be recalled or voted out at the next available opportunity

We Will LOUDOUNIZE CCISD Together To Help Save Them From The Crap Equity Man Started and Left Behind