Chandler Unified School District’s Hull Elementary School and Learning for Justice

Parents of CUSD, the CUSD Director of Lying and Instruction, Adama Sallu, isn’t very good at lying and is a disgrace to the CUSD community for thinking you’re stupid enough to believe her nonsense that CUSD is NOT teaching CRT. A quick search of CUSD’s Hull Elementary Schools “Anti-Bullying” page will provide you with a link for “Learning for Justice” website, which is part of Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). The title alone is a dead give away, but this “resource” that is completely accessible by elementary school students is filled with the most rank, racist and hate-filled information imaginable.

Not only is Learning for Justice an accessible resource for kids BUT teachers can create their very own lesson plans using all that Learning for Justice has to offer and you won’t have a clue. I encourage you to create your very own Learning for Justice account (free) and begin building your own lesson plans so you can see for yourself.

The image below will link you to Learning for Justice’s website.