What Is Your Red Line?

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What is the lesson we have learned from the horrific revelations in Loudoun County this past month? 

Complacency destroys.

First, let me say this: I’m a Loudoun County resident and my kids don’t attend LCPS (I’ve worked hard to keep them out of public schools from the start) but what I have realized over the past 2 years, with all the Covid mandate craziness, Antifa and Black Lives Matter terrorism, in no way does does that absolve me from paying attention and fighting for my community. First and foremost, CRT in schools means the kids are being abused and as an adult, it is my duty to protect ALL kids, not just my own.  Second, I am so pissed off about how my taxpayer dollars are being spent, I will NOT stay silent.

In a time when Loudoun County parents are rapidly pulling kids out of public schools, reducing enrollment by 5% this year, choosing homeschool and private schools instead, we all need to face reality head-on. Retreat is not going to solve anything. This is not an LCPS parent issue.  This is not even a Loudoun County issue.  This is an EVERY SINGLE PARENT AND TAXPAYER IN THE USA issue because all of what Loudoun County exposes is exactly what is happening everywhere else in America. It is long overdue for everyone who can see what is going on to dig in our heels and MAKE IT STOP.  As Americans who can recognize this frightening and very real Marxist takeover happening under our noses, as those who still need to do some straight-up soul-searching to stop covering their eyes and ears because they don’t like how terrible this war feels and especially those who know they need to swallow some pride (which I can guarantee isn’t as scary as anyone thinks it is when our kids are on the line), we ALL have a responsibility to join forces with the people already bravely taking on these sociopaths week after week to defend our kids from this rampant grooming through constant hyper-sexualization and blatant racism in our schools.  

It is long past time to admit that a red line has been crossed, and if exploiting and abusing kids isn’t the red line you, then what is?  The arrogance and gaslighting that you see right now from petulant children like Scott Zeigler and Brenda Sheridan, who refuse to step down even after yet ANOTHER revelation yesterday of a male student with a HABIT of sexually assaulting other boys in his school, we are faced with a lesson that every responsible parent should recognize and already has the tools to address.  When you let a child continue to misbehave without correcting that behavior, they will simply continue to ignore you and laugh in your face.  They don’t recognize the authority that the community members and parents absolutely have, regardless of what Terry McAwful claims. Allowing years to go by without ever taking them to task results in exactly what we are seeing from an actual criminal Superintendent and what we can only surmise now as demonically possessed school board members like Sheridan, Reaser, Corbo, Sarotkin, Mahedavi and others (minus Hoyler, who has found himself a new home wrapped up in this total clown show) casually ignoring the cries of hundreds of people. Honestly. What more does it take?

These monsters are totally in the wrong and even some of the craziest among them know it. How is it that former board member Beth Barts, a total leftist loon, was the only one with enough decency to do the right thing and RESIGN (no matter her claimed reasons for doing so)?  And how is it that last Tuesday night, as parents rightfully skewered the school board for two straight hours in what can only be described as the most beautiful display of divinely-infused righteous anger I’ve ever witnessed, that the local nut job, Andrea Weiskopf, an LCPS activist teacher, notoriously and bizarrely obsessed with race and “equity”, could not earnestly defend the board’s sickening fecklessness at knowingly allowing a skirt-wearing rapist to wander the schools despite her own repulsive role in emphasizing sex in the classroom to children. Even for Weiskopf, one of the most radical teacher’s in Loudoun County, her resistence to defend their lack of transparency absolutely means they’ve gone too far and they must resign.  And if THIS crazy lady can’t find a way to defend these people, sorry, Obama, this isn’t  just your pathetic excuse of a “trumped-up culture war”…it really is that bad. EVERYWHERE.

So, folks, when is it enough? What is OUR red line to finally take precious time out of our lives to defend the most precious among us, our children?  If you pay taxes, plain and simple, you have a dog in this fight…and at this point, it needs to be a snarling Cujo. You already know how strange and corrupt this all is and the time is now to pull yourself out of complacency hypnosis to speak up, stand up and join in locally to defend your community and your kids however you can. 

There is a silver lining to all of it that one quickly realizes as soon as they take action. Number one: You are NOT alone. Your community is filled with people who see exactly what you see and standing in your kitchen griping to a signifcant other is isolating and unproductive. In my experience, taking that step to get out and get your hands busy will introduce you to some of the most amazing people you never knew existed and it will bring a whole new perspective and freshness to your life. A literal gift from God. I should know because I got to meet Scott and Tiffany and so many others like them. Number two: While the parents in Loudoun County may have these moments of your attention, you are a part of a community that also has the power to stop the insanity if you band together and STAY involved. Despite how awful all of this is, sunlight is the very best disinfectant (no matter what Fraudci says). We haven’t lost her yet, but this country is depending on every single one of us to get out of our comfort zone, which is rapidly declining anyway, and show America, Lady Justice and especially our kids, just how much we love them all. 

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