Mona Shores PS in MI, Superintendent Bill O’Brien Makes Mother’s Email Public, Now Death Threats, Shaming, Fear of Losing Job

The Mona Shores Public Schools (Michigan) Superintendent Bill O’Brien is about as dumb as the Loudoun County Public Schools (Virginia) Superintendent Scott Ziegler. Why is Bill a moron? Well, a concerned parent sent Bill an email concerned about American flags being replace by Pride Flags and making the school(s) a giant unicorn and rainbow colored fantasyland.

What did Bill decide to do? Well, he took down the Pride flags BUT not before he PUBLICLY released the parents email. He told the community he was all for the Pride flags but because this parents complained, he decided to remove them. Sounds like a small win for the parents but it’s just the beginning of a nightmare. After Bill PUBLICLY released the parents email, everyone knew who they were. Almost immediately, death threats started, online shaming, student bullied, email & personal information plastered all over the internet and fear of losing their job is now a reality. All of this because Bill O’Brien decided all on his own to make a private email discussion public.

This Week Superintendent Bill O’Brien Was Focused on Pride Flag School Logos