Sexual Grooming Runs Rampant in Our Schools

There is a lot of money to be made by over-sexualizing our children in school. Social emotional learning programs like Second Step, pressure teachers into being more “compassionate” and “inclusive” by encouraging them to “teach the facts about sex assigned at birth.” If power-hungry corporations can dupe school systems into buying their programs and sway an ever increasing population of children to defy their gender “assigned at birth,” then the well will never go dry for these groomers. The more often they can get kids to question the truth, the more their programs, surveys, books, and lessons will be needed. It has never been about being welcoming, affirming, and inclusive. It has always been about the money. Now, more than ever, parents need to submit opt-out letters and stand up to administrators to let them know that this sexual grooming of our children MUST STOP!

Located in Loudoun County Public Schools elementary libraries
Teachers Pay Teachers