LCPS Is Not Only HIDING Second Step SEL Material From Parents, They REQUIRE Parents to Sign NDA to Review Curriculum

It is completely absurd, sneaky, and suspect that LCPS REQUIRES parents to sign an NDA simply to review their kids Second Step SEL material. LCPS will NOT discuss over the phone, ZOOM, or answer parent questions in an email. They REQUIRE parents to sign an NDA and will then, only meet in person. This is as shady as Ziegler and the SB’s denial of knowing anything about the rape at Stone Bridge HS.

Parents, especially those with kids in K-8 across the country, call your school district out, hold them accountable, demand answers, make THEM uncomfortable, and lastly, “disrupt and dismantle” the schools attempt to reprogram your kids. If you don’t protect them who will? Now is the time.