Loudoun County Public Schools Equity Committee Team Guidelines!

There is NO OTHER FOCUS for LCPS than to reprogramming your kids. Everything, and I mean everything, is centered around “marginalized, underserved, affirming, Diversity-Inclusion-Equity”. Every person part of this Equity Committee Team views all educational interactions based on race. Screw 2+2, or NORMAL usage of pronouns & English, no-no, they expect ALL of us to adopt, follow their radical agenda and fall in-line. Not a chance groomers of hate!


Now Virginia election, in N. VA, will not be connected to the internet like the radical progressives demanded just yesterday. I hope that all of your seats do not have ass marks in them yet, because God willing the correct politicians needed to fire you from your cushy jobs will be elected. I’ll pay for the U-Haul and hold the door.