PACT’s Tiffany Polifko Enters Bannons War Room to Continue Moving The Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Concerns Forward

PACT’s very own Tiffany joins Steve Bannon again, for the 3rd time in two weeks, to discuss Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and move the conversation beyond “CRT is implemented and Marxist”. We know CRT is Marxist but many media outlets, and the typical talking points are NOT moving the SEL discussion forward. This is absolutely critical and exactly where PACT is focusing. Social Emotional Learning (SEL) sounds innocent BUT it’s not. SEL material is manifesting itself into our kids classrooms, this is the Transformation and Indoctrination aspect of the CRT Lifecycle.

In the case of Loudoun County, VA and many other school districts around the country, Second Step and Learning for Justice are the two primary resources injecting this poison into our classrooms. PACT just held our very first workshop on the Second Step/SEL topic and the turn out was great. We don’t share our media appearances to boast, or to flout our ravishingly good looks, but to let the communities around the country know how PACT has rolled up our sleeves, diving into the dirty details, skipping the talking points to fight for kids, parents and teachers everywhere.