LCPS LIES AGAIN! They Are Sharing Student Data, But LCPS Dir. of Student Services, John Lody Says “Nope”

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The million dollar question (literally), is LCPS selling you students for data mining purposes? The answer is yes, although the Director of Diagnostic & Prevention Services, Department of Student Services (could that title be any longer? Competition for the LGBTQRSTUV group) John Lody, says “LCPS does NOT collect data on students as part of Second Step lessons.” However, when a parent submitted requesting information and documentation on data collection, LCPS is more than happy to provide her with the material………for $2,900. While the cost is unreal, that’s not the focus. The focus is that this same mother was told no by LCPS BUT for $2,900 they could fulfill her request. Someone’s not telling the truth!

The other kicker is that Second Step SEL is a huge partner with Panorama. Panorama is a data mining and processing company that is owned by AG Garland’s son in law, you know the guy that calls us “domestic terrorists” for opposing CRT and the entire bogus “equity” narrative. Someone is clearly lying, and I think it’s John Lody. If I’m wrong John, prove it, waive the $2,900 and process this mother’s FOIA request free of charge so we can see what LCPS claims they are not hiding.

FOIA Request

FOIA Request Response

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