Loudoun-4-All The New Irrelevant Progressive “Advocacy” Group

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So there’s a new radical progressive “advocacy” group in Loudoun County by the name of Loudoun-4-All. Why are they irrelevant? Well, they state on their “Contact” page:

“The extremist groups supporting the division in Loudoun County are backed by multi-million dollar groups labeled as hate groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center. They are crossing state lines to affect Virginia’s politics. Donations are the best way to counter this through advertising, material purchases, and funneling donations to grassroots organizations in Loudoun.”

  • It appears they are referring to PACT, Fight for Schools and Army of Parents when they reference “extremist groups”. Notice how they are to chickensh!t to actually say who these “extremists groups” are that are receiving money from “multi-million dollar” hate groups, and who these hate groups are? Why? Because it’s complete BS. No evidence, facts, proof, “receipts”, etc. Loudoun-4-All is a radical progressive irrelevant group trying to stoke fear against a narrative that is falling faster than LCPS student enrollment (that’s how you do it).
  • Where have these people been during all of the LCPS SB protests and rallies? Nowhere, again because they are not relevant. Why would people donate money to Loudoun-4-All if they haven’t done SQUAT for their “advocacy” work? Who are they representing, people like Jackie Schworm (a repulsive women that started the entire disruption on 6/22/21), Hillary HL, Jamie Nedwig, and the rest of Chardonnay ANTIFA?
  • Believe me when I say you are not on the winning side.

SPLC List of Hate Groups in Virginia. NAACP and Loudoun-4-All, Take Note, Not ONE in Loudoun County. You All Know What You Can Do With Your White Supremacist Narrative

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