LCPS SB Meeting 6/22/21 Ziegler Lying & Asia Jones Signaling When Asked About Assaults in LCPS (video)

There’s been A LOT of news surrounding the rape of (2) LCPS students. There’s also been a few videos of the LCPS SB saying kids safety isn’t of concern. However, we looked at this 1:28 video and there is much more. In the video, Barts asks Ziegler “Do we have assaults in our bathrooms & locker rooms regularly?” To which he replied ” To my knowledge we do not have any records of assaults occurring in our restrooms”. Ziegler Lied (see news article below). When Barts asked about the 2018 Tuscarora HS assault where a freshman football player had a foreign object forcibly inserted into his backside, not ONE SB member Or Ziegler was aware, despite it being all over the news. Add to that, (2) of the current SB members were also SB members at the time of the assault, but they knew nothing about it?

Notice at approximately 00:40 mark when Barts asks the question Do we have assaults in our bathrooms & locker rooms regularly?” the camera cuts to the Assistant Superintendent Asia Jones. Jones is CLEARLY signaling to Ziegler and the other board members as if a 3rd base coach signaling a ball player steal home. This entire situation is full of LCPS lies, fabrication and deceit.