PACT is Requesting that the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Department Conduct a County Wide Investigation Into ALL LCPS Admin, Schools and Principals

LCPS Schools and Principals

The LCPS Superintendent, School Board, Stone Bridge Principal, Broad Run Principal, and the Riverbend MS Principal have all lied, been deceptive, sneaky, shady, and acted in a criminal manner with all of the sexual assaults, rapes and threats of rape. I think it’s fair to say it is massive corruption and a pattern of a sick cover up. Therefore, we the parents of the LCPS community would like to request a complete investigation by the Loudoun County Sheriff’s department in to ALL LCPS administrators, principals and schools. Remember, we only know about these incidents because of concerned parents and NOT a concerned school district. What else is being hidden? This has got to be investigated as LCPS is suspect as a whole.

Buta Biberaj and the BOS need to be looked into as well. They own the budget and they have likely been lied to by Ziegler and the LCPS Board and perhaps have done some lying of their own. Only an investigation can determine this and the extent.