PACT Emails LCPS Superintendent Ziegler and LCPS School Board Asks for Immediate Resignation After (2) HS Girls Raped by Same Kid

In light of the recent and disgusting news about (2) LCPS HS students being raped by the SAME kid, and Superintendent Ziegler and the SB knowing all about the first offense, as did Buta Biberaj, we are beyond recalls. A major line has been crossed and the only resolution is for their immediate resignation. Parents, light up their inboxes, call the admin building, protest at tomorrow’s SB meeting (if they still have one), whatever it legally takes to make sure they understand very clearly that they are not wanted. Feckless doesn’t even begin to describe these horrible people. This is not backlash for their implementation of CRT, (2) girls were raped by the same scumbag, enough said.

I would also add Stone Bridge HS, Timothy Flynn to the list for failure to report the rape unless Ziegler overruled him. If that’s the case, Mr. Flynn, save your own ass because Ziegler is not worth it. If Ziegler had nothing to do with your decision to NOT report to the police, well, that’s not good.

If any of my family members are retaliated against, well, that won’t be a wise choice. You’re no longer in the drivers seat, your services are no longer needed, the parents are now in charge. Think I’m joking?