(2) LCPS Sexual Assaults by Same Kid and Chardonnay ANTIFA Pushes Trans and Doubts Evidence. Sick.

Two girls are raped by the same kid in (2) different LCPS HS’s and LCPS’s Ziegler and SB turn a blind eye. They ALL knew full well what, where, when, and who was raped in May 2021, they staged the June 22 SB meeting so that the family could not speak and share their experience. Chardonnay ANTIFA instigated in the audience (Jackie Schwarm), and NOW Chardonnay ANTIFA is doubting ANY of this happened, despite police reports, rape kit being done and admission by the scumbag kid. As twisted as CA really is, I hold Ziegler, the LCPS SB, Buta Biberaj, Juli Briskman, Phyllis Randall, and Stone Bridge Principal Timothy Flynn responsible.

Besides this being a very serious and sick situation this is VA HB257 at work. ALL Democrats voted for it and now you can see how well that worked out. I don’t care who you vote for BUT do not support ANYONE that voted for HB257 OR that is running and supports ANYONE that voted for HB257. Elections have consequences they say, well having a house full of crooked and sick Dems, the consequences were (2) HS girl rape victims by the same kid.

Horror in Loudoun County Implicates Local and Federal Officials