PACT Lands (3) Page Coverage In October 2021 NEWSMAX Magazine!

One year ago, not a soul knew who PACT was. Now, three pages worth of coverage in the October 2021 NEWSMAX Magazine! As we’ve said plenty of times before, we’re not perfect, we’re a little rough around the edges, and we’re 100% grassroots. We must be doing something right, otherwise Tiffany P. would not have been on Bannons War Room TWICE this past week, the PACT family would not have been a guest on NEWSMAX’s Stinchfield Show, progressives wouldn’t hate us, and the NSBA wouldn’t be rattled.

Our goal is not to repeat the same story and talking points around CRT, but to identify who is involved, how they are involved and provide evidence. Additionally, the CRT discussion must progress beyond the same talking points and the same narrative that was once strong and helpful, but it must advance. That’s why we are taking things to the next level and a heavy emphasis on Social Emotional Learning (SEL), which is the material being used in our classrooms across the country to reprogram our kids and to share their information with organizations like Panorama. Time to move past the academics and into the trenches. I hope you join us on 10/16/21 for a SEL workshop, it’s free!