Love Them “Diversity” Books in LCPS? Thank Michelle Picard, LCPS Supervisor of English and Reading

Meet Michelle Picard, Supervisor, Secondary English and Reading in Loudoun County Public Schools. It appears that Michelle Picard is close to the root of the problem with all of these trashy, sick, racist, and pedophile type books in LCPS. It’s late and I’m tired so I’ve only added a few images from Michelle’s proud Twitter account. However, it’s quite clear that Michelle is fond of displaying “banned books”, CRT, and reprogramming our kids. Can you see her proud display of the “Two Boys Kissing” and “Beyond Magenta” books below? Also, notice the underlined words below “Build an Equity Minded Culture” and the circled word “Transformative”? This means reprogramming the way YOUR kids think. To hell with what the parents think or say, these radical ideologues like Michelle know better. Drop Michelle a note and say hi and we’ll be dropping more images.

2 Boys Kissing and Beyond Magenta