LCPS SB Broad Run District Likely Pick, Katrece Nolen Blocks Constituents from Twitter AND Tim Ziegler Wishes Nolen “Good Luck”

It’s kind of odd that the LCPS SB for Broad Run District presumptive pick (long before Ms. King passed away) has BLOCKED her Twitter account from what would be her new constituents in Broad Run. She seems to be following in the footsteps of Lottie Spurlock (her old boss when she was on the Equity Committee) and Phyllis Randall who was sued and LOST over blocking constituents on Twitter.

Also, read Tim Ziegler’s comments in a recent Loudoun Times Mirror article regarding the LC Democratic Committee endorsing Ms. Nolen. Read his first sentence and last sentence, the other comments are just filler. Odd choice of words timed perfectly with the LC Democratic Committee’s endorsement. Just saying.

On July 1st, PACT posted this blurb, let’s see if we’re right: