PACT’s Very Own Tiffany Polifko Enters Bannons War Room….Again! Discusses the Dangers of Social Emotional Learning

In this appearance of Bannons War Room, Tiffany Polifko discusses Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and the destruction it is causing our students. It’s time that we move past the headlines of “Critical Race Theory”. We know it’s in our schools. We know that the Biden Administration, DOJ, and FBI have declared war on parents like Tiffany and organizations like PACT that are opposed to CRT. The time is NOW to discuss HOW CRT material, like Second Step SEL and Learning for Justice has manifested its way into the classrooms in an effort to reprogram our kids.

Join PACT for an “Insight on LCPS’s Second Step SEL/CASEL and Learning for Justice Curriculum” workshop for parents and teachers on October 16th from 1-3pm. It’s free, order tickets HERE!