LCPS Trailside Middle School Principal, Bridgette Beichler and Civic Teacher, Jeb Dickerson Push George Floyd Narrative

Why in the world would an 8th grade civics teacher, Jeb Dickerson, at Trailside Middle School be showing 8th graders selected video of what happened to George Floyd, followed by an assignment? Kids were so disturbed, they could not finish watching the video. This is yet another example of an LCPS school principal, Bridgette Beichler in Trailsides case, to go rogue and do whatever the hell they want. Knowing Beichler, she will claim ignorance but don’t be fooled, she is as radical as Woodgrove HS Principal Shipp.

Let Bridgette Beichler know that this is NOT ok. We will hopefully have the video shortly to share.