Part 2 of the LCPS Broad Run District SB Member Katrece Nolen. Apparently, Only Black Dr.’s Can Save Black Lives.

Admittedly, this post is longer than we thought but there is so much revealing information about the anointed LCPS Broad Run District SB member Katrece Nolen we had to share it all. From a humanitarian perspective, we are pleased that Ms. Nolen is a cancer survivor and continues to be in remission, and hope that continues. However, according to several of Ms. Nolen’s posts below, it’s quite clear she believes that America is a racist country and suggests that only black doctors can save black lives. Personally, I find this absolutely reprehensible. We don’t know Ms. Nolen, and we have no idea what ethnicity is/was that gave her a new lease on life, but I would bet $1.00 there were white people involved. Whether doctors, surgeons, anesthesiologists, pharmacists, medical researchers, nurses, rehab, etc. You see Ms. Nolen, God loves everyone, and we all have a purpose, and it saddens me to see that your purpose is hate, disdain, and is surrounded by racists beliefs that will crush our future medical profession.

Now, from a concern for the welfare, safety, and an educational perspective, as all of these screenshots will show, Ms. Nolen has nothing but contempt for white people and forever sees white people as society’s biggest problem, and constant oppressors. There is no more room on the LCPS School Board for another person that loathes the parents and students of the Loudoun Community. There is zero “misinformation” here. Nothing has been taken “out of context”, these are either Ms. Nolen’s own words or re-Tweets (which amount to the same thing). There is no amount of pivoting Ms. Nolen can do on October 5th that will separate her from what she really believes.

Thank you to the LCPS Equity Committee Member whistleblower for bringing so much to our attention.