10/5/21 6:30 – EOD, Pack the LCPS Parking Lot!

This Tuesday, 10/5, members of the community are asked to “Pack the Parking Lot” from 6:30-9am and beyond in solidarity with the teachers, employees of  LCPS and parents. The public school employees are being required to take the COVID vaccine or subject themselves to onerous procedures or lose their jobs. Student athletes are required to get the vaccine or not play.  Furthermore, Virginia has introduced a comment period for forced vaccines for all students, removing religious exemptions.  This will NOT stop there and will be coming after all Virginians next.  The Governor has already said he will mandate vaccines for ALL students as soon as they are approved. With the third booster being rolled out, Virginians will have to determine do they want to keep rolling up their sleeve or stand up for liberty?

The assault on our liberties is non-stop.  Come out with your own sign – get creative – in support of these LCPS employees and parents fighting for themselves, thier children and thier community! 

Please show your support with your attendance this Tuesday. All people are welcome – all parties, all backgrounds, all vaccination statuses. We’ll see you there!