LCPS Superintendent Zibgy Craps on Employees Then Insists They Refrain From Time Off, Even October 8th??

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Captain Zigby observes that school staff attendance was lower across the country, including here in LCPS. He thinks teacher shortages are creating “hardships for families” across the county because of transportation delays and long waits at the bus stop? Who in the hell does he think created this problem and the hardships for families of LCPS employees? You Zigby and your band of lunatics.

We’ve heard for (2) years how racist LCPS is and we’re surrounded by white supremacists. I suppose your teacher and bus driver shortage is a testament to LCPS’s efforts to disrupt and dismantle white supremacy. LCPS has placed a tremendous amount of time and messaging around increasing the hiring of black and brown people, diverse hiring practices I think they call it. Why then does LCPS have an employee shortage? Probably because they listened to people like Michelle Thomas, NAACP and the Equity Collaborative. It is truly sad to see the destruction of LCPS by people like Zigby, the SB, and 3rd party radicals, but I’m laughing my a$$ because EVERY attempt LCPS makes to solve racial problems that do not exist it blows up in their face. Just look at the Academies of Loudoun stats from June 8th, 2021.

I’m anticipating that on Friday, October 8th, there will be a new unknown Fauci COVID variant that will only impact Loudoun County, and perhaps only LCPS. Good luck with that Zigby. Happy Columbus Day Zigby!

To All LCPS Staff,

When I visit schools and classrooms across the county, one thing that is abundantly clear to me is that students are excited to be back in school. This desire to learn in-person was particularly evident on Friday, September 17 when, following a holiday on Thursday, 94.6% of our students returned for instruction. In other words, rather than take the opportunity to create a long weekend, LCPS families prioritized school attendance. While absences among students were not higher than usual, staff attendance was lower than average. These absences, many of them created at the last minute, resulted in teacher and assistant shortages across the county and hardships for families in the form of transportation delays and long waits at bus stops.

And so I need your help to minimize the impact that teacher absences coupled with a limited number of substitutes is having on school operations. HRTD anticipates that Friday, 10/8, Wednesday, 11/3, and Friday 11/5 to be the next high-volume days. With the return to in-person instruction, a mandate from the state, and high expectations from ourselves and our community, we must do everything we can to ensure that we prioritize in-person instruction.

In order to do that, I have asked principals to limit leave on Wednesday, November 3 and Friday, November 5. Staff must receive prior approval for personal days, and principals have the authority to deny requests should it impact the instructional program “when in the judgment of the immediate supervisor a qualified substitute cannot be secured.” Therefore, principals and supervisors will deny any new non-emergency leave requests for these days.

I fully support the right of employees to use sick and personal days as they please and acknowledge that using sick leave to create a break during the first week in November is tempting, even for me. I further acknowledge that we are all – especially our frontline employees – are under a great deal of stress and could likely use a mental health day, I would just ask that you pick another day.

School Administration will do our part to support instruction. On these high-need days, and throughout the school year, you will see staff from the central office serve as substitutes throughout the county. You may even see a few driving busses. Our commitment and our priority is to provide in-person instruction for all students. Working together, we can make that happen.

I look forward to seeing you in the classroom.

Warm regards,

Scott A. Ziegler, Ed.D.Superintendent

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