LCPS Broad Run SB District Candidate, Katrece Nolen Aligned With LCPS Pro CRT and Pro Indoctrination Teacher

When Katrece Nolen goes before the SB on 10/5/21, can some one kindly as her a few questions during public comments:

  1. [First image below]: What exactly did you mean when you replied back to Andrea Weiskopf on August 29th that “many are still truly NOT in at all”? Are you referring to the disruption and dismantling of white supremacy OR are you referring to the radical and progressive ideology of CRT OR white people?
  2. [Second image below]: Are you aware that on September 17th, Andrea Weiskopf openly provided the rules of engagement for indoctrinating students? Is this how you get students and parents to be “all in”?
  3. [Third image below]: On March 26th, 2021, LCPS/MSAAC (Equity Committee), that you were a leader of, what did you mean when you publicly posted “we can and we will silence the opposition”? Is the “opposition” the same people that are “NOT all in”?
  4. [Fourth image below]: In June 2020, you exchanged numerous texts with Atoosa Reaser, Michelle Thomas (president of NAACP), and Buta Biberaj about getting “Beatty’s racist outta there”. If elected to the LCPS SB, are you going to continue to work with the NAACP and the Loudoun County Commonwealth Attorney get John Beatty’s “racist ass outta there”?