9/25/21: Announcing “The Virginia Parents Bill of Rights” Provided by We the Parents of VA

I think it’s an understatement to say that the parents and citizens of Loudoun County have helped to create widespread and national awareness regarding ALL of the problems we are facing in Loudoun County Public Schools and with the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors. What we’ve exposed is systemic and county wide corruption. However, as is often the case, many grassroots organizations “pop-up”, all with the common goal of saving our county and our schools. “We the Parents of Virginia” is a newly launched coalition with the sole purpose of unification across many of Loudoun County’s grassroots organizations that are all focused on saving our count and our schools.

We’re living in very weird times, Nicki Minaj is facing being “cancelled” (good luck with that) simply because she is for the American people deciding on their own whether or not the COVID VAX is for them or their family. Then there’s BLM, who have rioted across the country for the past (18) months, and are now taking a stand against the government for racist VAX mandates. No one knows which way the wind will blow tomorrow, but one thing is for certain, it’s unpredictable.

We are a coalition of grassroots groups and individual parents, grandparents and patriots, such as Fight For Schools, Loudoun County Republican Women’s Club, Patriot Pub, Parents Against Critical Theory, Virginia Freedom Initiative, VA Family Foundation, and many others, who are tired of reckless and unresponsive School Boards across Virginia ruining our public schools and our children’s futures. We believe that parents are the primary educators and decision-makers for children, and that our priorities and values should be respected and not undermined by our public schools.