9/20/21: LCPS SEL Specialist, Lindsay Orme Is Hiding Their Sinister Activities, BUT We Have Some “Receipts” to Back This Up

Parents, we have reached an extremely important point in our kids education and you have ALL got to get involved. What they are doing to our kids is unconscionable and has to be stopped. Rise up and protect your kids, help PACT call these people out!

The wonderful website Lindsay Orme recommended to parents has some classics. Listen to the episode with Scotty and Dr. Jasmine as they discuss “the killing of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor”. How in the absolute hell does this “specialist” think this is appropriate for kids?

Do not think for a single minute that SEL and CASEL is NOT about anti-racism and social justice and that LCPS is “transforming” your kids in a warped and sick manner, which ultimately turns them against their own parents