9/19/21: Sirens Blaring At LCPS Admin As “Sports Equity” Becomes Undiscussed Possibility As Unicorn Mascots Take Over

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This is not real

LCPS’s Stone Bridge HS Football Team had an amazing 2020/2021 season, they went undefeated:

  • Stone Bridge vs Riverside HS: 61-7
  • Stone Bridge vs Freedom HS: 68-14
  • Stone Bridge vs Potomac Falls HS: 42-6
  • Stone Bridge vs Woodgrove HS: 49-7
  • Stone Bridge vs Briar Woods HS: 56-29

Stone Bridge HS averaged 55 points per game whereas their opponents averaged 12.5 points per game vs Stone Bridge.  How can this possibly support LCPS’s Equity initiative, they outscored their opponents by 42.5 points.  When you add to the mix that boys can now play in girls sports, girls can play in boys sports, girls can change in boys locker-room, and boys can change in girls locker rooms, it doesn’t make the suggestion of “Sports Equity” so far fetched in today’s world.

Now apply this scenario to academics.  Is it fair and does it really make sense to have:

  • Academic “Athletes” participate in heterogenous classes like Math and English?
  • Academic “Athletes” slighted and reigned in because of diversity, inclusivity, and equity?  Isn’t this holding them back?
  • Fewer academic scholarships for LCPS students because LCPS has taken away their competitive academic edge?

There are gifted and talented students in academics, arts, and sports, however the only students being impacted by this ridiculous equity nonsense are the students that excel in academics.  We need ALL parents involved in this fight, especially the parents that have talented and aspiring athletic students, because when the Equity Devil comes knocking on the world of sports, I can promise you that you will become apoplectic. 

I hope this sports analogy makes sense. We need everyone involved in this fight as it has no limits to the damage it can and will cause.

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