9/16/21: PACT Collaborating with Daily Wire Host Matt Walsh on 9/28/21 LCPS Admin Building 5pm!

Personally, I find it hilarious that both Atoosa Reaser and Beth Barts were “triggered” by the ad that ran during the Redskins game on Sunday! A few days later, Atoosa puts out an SOS for money to “push back” against the truth of LCPS and the School Board that we have been exposing and the media has been highlighting for for over a year. Next, Beth Barts, who is caught up in a recall effort in court with Fight for Schools, insists it’s all a campaign of “misinformation”. Then she pushes Chardonnay ANTIFA and her “supporters” to vote tomorrow (9/17). Not sure how this helps Barts or changes the truth but ok.

I might be off in my thinking but if LCPS and the SB have been in over 300+ news articles, countless media appearances by LC residents on Fox News, Glenn Beck, Steve Bannon’s War Room, NBC, CBS, and appearances by James Lindsay, Ben Carson and now Matt Walsh, that perhaps it’s not misinformation? Every news article, media appearance, and live guest appearances have real costs associated with them, tax payer money is NOT being used. If this was all just a figment of our imagination and “misinformation” would LCPS really be receiving all this attention? Exactly.

PACT, LWRWC and Fight for Schools will be collaborating with Matt Walsh on 9/28/21!