9/14/21: Is LCPS School Board Member Atoosa Reaser Broke? Why is She Begging for Money?

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It appears that LCPS School Board member, Atoosa Reaser has been triggered. She “woke up with a news alert that a political group spent $500,000 buying TV advertising to air during the game-it’s aimed at discrediting our schools and the School Board.”

Atoosa, allow me to set you straight. YOU and your Chardonnay ANTIFA initiated death threats, doxxing campaigns, threatened to go after my family, PACT, my employer, parents, kids and teachers. You’re a FULL BLOWN member of the secret FB group “Anti-Racist Parents of Loudoun”, aka “Chardonnay ANTIFA” as is Barts, Buta, Serotkin, Corbo, and Sheridan. YOU also conspired with the NAACP in June 2020 to have John Beatty removed and replaced with Katrece Nolen, which is who I suspect you radicals will nominate to replace King. You are corrupt, period full stop.

Those “lawbreakers” you refer to are parents in the community. You know EXACTLY what the back story is with one of the men arrested, and for you to pretend otherwise AND call him a lawbreaker is sad, sick and twisted.

So now you’re begging for money to “push back”? Think about that, a school board member is begging people for money. Do you have future political aspirations? I hope so because unless Soro’s steps in and finances it you can bet the community you would represent will be informed about your antics as a school board member. You’re a lawyer right? How pathetic that is when you consider all you’ve engaged in.

The heat is continuing Atoosa. Ever hear of Matt Walsh? I’d suggest you look him up, because PACT, Fight for Schools, and LCRWC are collaborating with him for even more fun! See ya at the school board meetings!

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