9/12/21: LCPS Stone Bridge High School’s Card Carrying Socialist Teacher, Openly Wants to Defund Police and Organize for Social Justice Fight

Meet Matthew Sarmiento. Matt is an LCPS Stone Bridge HS 9th Grade English Teacher. He’s also a card carrying Socialist that runs the Stone Bridge HS’s Democratic Socialist of America Club. Matt also advocates for the Defunding of the Police and organizing and fighting for Social Justice. I get that this is an after school club and is optional, however, this clearly demonstrates what kind of person Matt is, and you can bet he does NOT hang his socialist hat up at the door when teaching English. Send Matt and Tim Flynn an email or call the school to express how you feel:

Does anyone know if Matthew Sarmiento is the Stone Bridge 9th grade English Honors teacher that had his students read “Monday’s Not Coming” by Tiffany Jackson?