9/9/21: Please Share This Post With Beth Barts

Since Barts blocks FB posts and Twitter, could someone from the Chardonnay Antifa gang share this post along to Beth? Love to see her social media reaction and attempts to cause trouble…..again!

Tonight was a great night! Got to hang out with John Beatty, LCPS School Board Member at the 1776 Action and Fight for Schools Rally (PACT was a Platinum sponsor Beth) featuring Dr. Ben Carson! Boy oh boy did Dr. Carson speak the truth to 800+ people tonight! John Beatty is the only school board member (of 9 school board members) with the stones to be honest with the parents and citizens of Loudoun County and confirms AGAIN that Loudoun County Public Schools IS teaching Critical Race Theory. John wrote a great opinion article in the WSJ on August 24th (see below).

Just want to be sure Barts could see this picture