9/9/21: LCPS, LCBS, Equity Committee and NAACP Cry Racism, But Where Are They Now?

For quite some time, LCPS, LCBS, NAACP, and the Equity Committee have been telling EVERYONE how racist Loudoun County is AND white people are oppressors. Why would they do this? Because they are ignorant and only care about MONEY and POWER. Where’s the outrage over white radical racist liberals pelting a black conservative with eggs and shooting his security detail with a pellet gun? Crickets of course. They only have selective outrage and that’s exactly why people need to understand that they are all phonies, race hustlers, and liars.

Ironically, it is LCPS, LCBS, NAACP, and the Equity Committee that are the true oppressors and not us white folks like they want you to believe.