9/5/21: NEW! Teaching Second Step SEL Using Digital Curriculum. Parents Everywhere, SEL Is A Disaster and Aimed At Creating Social Justice Warriors

I was talking to someone earlier today and the question came up “What do the 5-C’s and SEL have to do with each other? How can parents completely opt-out their kids from SEL and yet the 5-C’s are required to graduate?” This is where LCPS and Virginia try to hold SEL as leverage over you and your kids, in essence strongly suggesting that IF you opt-out your kids from SEL then they will not be prepared to pass their CASEL (5-C’s) assessments, thereby making their graduation date up in the air.

SEL begins to take root at an early age, and each year your little one is in school and exposed to SEL, the probability increases that they will be reprogrammed to become a Social Justice Warrior. SEL “education” doesn’t end when your kid graduates, no, it’s implemented in workforce environments as part of ongoing training. See how this all works? Indoctrination/reprogramming is not accomplished over just a few schools years, but throughout school, college and the work world. This is some really evil and Marxist stuff we’re dealing with. Don’t fall asleep at the wheel, Opt-Out your kids now before it’s too late.