9/2/21: Does LCPS’s Second Step SEL Reprogramming Agenda Got You Angry? Don’t know What to Do? Contact the LCPS SEL “Specialists”

LCPS’s Second Step SEL reprogramming initiative has upset a lot of parents and rightfully so. If you’re as frustrated, concerned and angry as others, contact LCPS’s SEL “Specialists” for answers. They’ll likely provide you with canned platitudes and innocuous statements, don’t accept them. Make them tell you that YOU as the parents are NOT allowed to review the exact content that teachers are sharing with students because of some bogus agreement they have in place with Second Step. If it’s so wonderful, why won’t they share the joy? Get it in writing, record the discussion on your phone, whatever you have to do.

Remember, these are not their kids they’re yours and if people don’t start pushing back, questioning EVERYTHING LCPS tells you, then you’ll only have yourself to blame, not LCPS.

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