9/1/21: Attention LCPS Parents, Additional Information About the Second Step SEL Program. LCPS: “Second Step does not allow us to post or share materials used for teacher instruction.” Red Flag Right There

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LCPS is using Second Step but will you have a Second Chance?

Here is some information that parents need to know about the county-wide SEL program, Second Step, which is being used in all schools across the county for at least 20 minutes per day:

  • Vague interpretations of SEL standards on VDOE and lack of curriculum framework. The social awareness standards and relationship skill standards, in particular, for any grade level, could very easily be manipulated to “align” with many of the “anti-racist” resources for teachers…of which there are too many to count and teachers essentially have unfettered access to them. 
  • Examples of sample lessons/articles from the “anti-racist” resources that violate the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as well as violate the criteria for character education programs in the state of Virginia, which state that each local character education program shall “avoid indoctrination of any religious or political belief.” 
  • Samples of materials that can be used in lessons: These resources can be found under “anti-racism and anti-bias resources:
    • “No, I Am Not OK.” Thanks for Asking. | Learning for Justice Why in the world would it ever be acceptable for a teacher to use material that states the following: “If you are OK, perhaps your commitment to fundamental humanity as it fundamentally connects to social justice is not as deep as you believe. We are not all in this together. All lives do not matter and never have.” ? 
    • Let’s Talk! Discussing Whiteness | Learning for Justice “We’ll discuss whiteness as a racial identity with the understanding that acknowledging whiteness and the privilege and power attached to it is a necessary step in working toward racial justice.” 
  • If FLE materials can be viewed in full, by parents/guardians, why is the same level of transparency not being offered with this program? How can a superintendent and a school board purchase a SEL program for an entire county, which is known to include sensitive, controversial, and political content, dedicate, at a minimum, 20 minutes per day of lessons and materials pulled from this curriculum, and have no opinion on it?? Furthermore, how can a superintendent and a school board smother an entire school system with potential propaganda, while at the same time, not even notifying parents from the outset, that the curriculum contains sensitive and controversial, along with political content, and offer parents an opportunity to view this material and opt-in, before the start of the school year? Parents don’t even know what materials are being pulled to teach this curriculum because the only thing that LCPS can offer right now is a “full scope and sequence,” which provides zero evidence of what materials are used to support lessons. **Scope and sequence attached 

SEL is not required! Get your kids out now. 

From LCPS upon parent request of full transparency of materials being used to teach SEL on a daily basis: 
“We spoke to Lindsay Orme, who is the Social Emotional Learning Specialist for LCPS, regarding parental access to the Second Step resources we may access as part of our daily Advisory program.  Here was her response,

  • “The license agreement with Second Step does not allow us to post or share materials used for teacher instruction. With that being said, we want to offer full transparency to our families. Please share this full scope and sequence with your family. They may also view the sample lessons posted on SecondStep.org.  After sharing this with the parents, perhaps follow up to see if this is what they were looking for or if they would like to see more… We are working on the logistics of a possible opportunity for families to view the lessons, yet don’t have something available now.”  

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