8/31/21: PWCPS Has Hundreds of Openings. What About Diverse Hiring Practices? Well, PWCPS Hires 100+ Teachers From Outside the US

It seems a bit odd that PWCPS is claiming to have a strong focus on more diverse and “equitable” hiring practices and yet they are still in need of hundreds of teachers, coaches, and bus drivers. To make things even more confusing with their “diverse” and “equitable” hiring practices initiative is that PWCPS has hired (112) teachers from foreign teachers from all over the world through a partnership with Participate Learning, facilitated through the US State Department. Did I mention that PWCPS is Participate Learning’s largest Virginia partner?

I don’t have an issue with partnership programs like this, however, I’d rather see the woke radicals and the NAACP cry and shake their fists at the State Department and PWC for openly violating their efforts to end worldwide racism with “diverse” and equitable” hiring practices. Seems to me that their faux outrage is extremely misdirected and further evidence that their “oppression” narrative is as phony as their cry of “white supremacy” holding them back.

Inside NoVA: Prince William schools trying to fill hundreds of openings