8/29/21: LCPS Superintendent Ziegler Can’t Understand Why Parents Feel “Second Step” is Reprogramming Our Kids Into Anti-Tacist Social Justice Warriors

I don’t think it’s a surprise that LCPS Superintendent Ziegler thinks parents are stupid and I think this underscores that point. Notice how Ziegler says at the bottom of his FB comment “I don’t have an opinion about Second Step“? How can he say that there’s a “kerfuffle” about a program that he does not have an opinion on? Furthermore, how can Ziegler also suggest how parents feel about a program he doesn’t have an opinion on?

Again, he requests a town-hall to address parental concerns. Without stating the obvious, how impactful would a town-hall really be if Ziegler, who knows nothing and has no opinion on the program that would be at the center of the discussion? It’s called LIP SERVICE Ziggy and we’re not buying it.

It’s quite stunning really, SEL is the BIGGEST educational initiative this school year and the LCPS Superintendent has no opinion on the resources being used to reprogram our kids.