8/16/21: First documented Pronoun Catastrophe in Fairfax Public Schools!!

We all, well most of us, know this pronoun pandemic is the dumbest thing since dedicating the ENTIRE month of June as “Pride Month”, to honor the LGBTQ/Trans people. You want a day, fine have a DAY but get it out of your Kool-Aid colored heads that “Pride Month” is more important than Veterans Day, which should be the entire month. Anyways, here’s the first known (to me anyways) pronoun catastrophe in Northern Virginia, Fairfax County to be specific.

How in the heck are teachers, staff and students supposed deal with this real-life version of Scrabble? Is a teacher going to now get in trouble if they use a pronoun normally but a student thinks they are referring the “them”? You see, I just used the word “them” and it happens to be one of five pronouns this student requires. Can you imagine that a math teacher is now studying pronouns so that don’t get into trouble? This is really, really stupid.

Forget about Afghanistan, forget about our open borders, forget about covid, our thoughts and prayers are with the school counselor. It’s a sad day.