8/10/21: Tonight an LCPS Teacher With (10) Years Resigns Directly to the School Board. Parents Forced To Stay Outside During SEVERE Storm

Loudoun County Public Schools has sunk below whale excrement, didn’t think that was possible. Tonight, on top of leaving parents OUTSIDE during a SEVERE storm, their policies, CRT, and contempt pushed a (10) year veteran teacher to publicly resign to their face. I thought the June 22 school board meeting was bad (and it was), tonight was a complete S$%T show. There is only one board member that deserves respect and that’s John Beatty, all others do NOT deserve any and should not be afforded any for their continued actions and disdain for the parents.

Great way to start the new school year idiots. I pray that the onslaught of condemnation and embarrassment will make the Spring of 2021 look like child’s play. We will certainly do our part.