8/9/21: It is with a heavy heart that I bring you this bad news, Equality Loudoun has cancelled their LCPS School Board Pizza Party for 8/10/21

Looks like we won’t be getting free pizza tomorrow, **make alternate dinner plans**. Equality Loudoun has declared the LCPS Admin building a war zone. However, I’m confused by their “increased turnout” comment, are they saying that the opposition, who they have sought to silence for so long will be addressing the school board using “private messaging platforms and robocalls”? We know they know all about “private messaging platforms”.

The funny thing is LCPS will pass Policy 8040 whether they have a pizza party or not. They are using (29) students out of 81,000 for their radical political games. No one is saying to not accommodate the non binary students, just don’t force people into a “scientific” narrative they do not accept and force the change of an entire school system in the process, that’s not “equity” right?