8/4/21: UPDATE – VA Senate Considering (2) Budget Amendments Directly Related to CRT and Cultural Competency Training

Update: Today the Virginia Senate is considering two budget amendments directly related to CRT and cultural competency training. I strongly support this legislation because it materially contains key elements I asked for in my draft.

  1. Cultural competency training will essentially be halted and replaced by making adoption optional after public hearings. That restores YOUR voice.
  2. The following language is proposed to make teaching CRT by any name prohibited:
    § 22.1-208.03. Promotion of diversity and respect in education.
    Local school divisions shall promote diversity and respect, with the understanding that all persons are equal and diversity is our strength. Local school divisions shall promote the concept that all cultures have contributed greatly to the rich history of the United States and the way of life we enjoy today. Public school divisions shall not train, teach, or promote the following to students or employees:
  3. That any race is inherently superior or inferior to any other race;
  4. That any individual by virtue of his race or skin color is inherently racist, privileged, or oppressive, whether consciously or unconsciously;
  5. That any person, by virtue of his race or religion bears responsibility for the actions committed by other members of his race or religion;
  6. That a person’s moral character is determined by his race;
  7. That the United States is a fundamentally or systemically racist country; or
  8. That capitalism is an inherently racist economic system.
    Explanation: Requires local divisions to promote diversity and respect, and teach that all people are equal. The provision prohibits the teaching that any race is inherently superior, that any individual by virtue of his race is inherently racist, that any person is responsible for acts committed by others of his race or religion, that, that a person’s moral character is determined by his race, or that the United States or capitalism is inherently racist.
    I need you to let the Senate know TODAY that you support this Senator Newman’s amendments to the budget!