8/4/21: Good Lord, LCPS is Being Run by More Radical Special Interest Groups! “Equality Loudoun”, 27 Non Binary Students- 80,973 Are Not…Equality?

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Is there not a single radical special interest group that LCPS and Barts don’t collude with? If it’s not the damn NAACP, or the NAACP adjacent Equity Committee, it’s Equality Loudoun. Is Equality Loudoun a “colleague” of the LCPS School Board? Notice how Barts last (2) sentences read: “I encourage you to have an answer for your constituents who are advocates and allies of our LBGTQ families. I have absolutely no doubt they will be coming for it”. Read these (2) sentences again and consider who she BCC’d on this email FFS just put out (see below).

Again, keep in mind that this school board can vote no on Policy 8040. LCPS has 81,000 students and

ONLY 27 are Non Binary!

How in the heck is this considered “equality”????

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